Tax Planning for Business Owners

Business transactions are becoming more complex each year. And with that, the world of taxation grows in complexity as well. As the rules of doing business, within a single jurisdiction or across multiple jurisdictions, change, so does the need for assessing their tax impacts. As a business owner, you have other critical things to worry about – like running your business. Why not trust professionals with the tax planning aspects of your business, while you focus on the rest?


Why Tax Planning Is Important For Business Owners

As a business owner, it’s hard for you to be an expert in all matters - Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Accounting, Sales, Shipping, Procurement – and that’s why you hire the best talent to staff those roles. But many of those disparate functions have one thing in common: They have some form of tax element to them. 

Business taxes can sometimes be a barrier to growth and profitability of your business. However, if planned correctly, business owners can leverage strategies that comply with tax codes to their advantage. Without incorporating tax planning strategies, you could literally be losing thousands of dollars a year.

So, when it comes to assessing and planning your business taxes, you need an experienced team of professionals to guide you.


What We Can Do For You

The objective of our tax planning is to work with your CPA and/or tax professionals since it isn’t about avoiding taxes, but to be focused on effective interpretation and application of tax laws and statutes providing strategies designed to defer, eliminate or reduce business taxes for our clients.

Our tax planning professionals provide invaluable advice and services to a range of business entities, including Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Business Corporations/Incorporated Companies, Co-operative structures and Not-for-profit entities. 

More specifically, we provide guidance and services that include, but is not limited to:

  • Reviewing and advising clients on long-term impact to their business, of tax legislation and proposed amendments

  • Strategic tax planning guidance to help you manage your effective tax rate  

  • Planning related to Alternate Minimum Tax, paperwork and determining taxes is the responsibility of a CPA or tax professional and FP's do not provide tax advice in their capacity as FPs with Equitable Advisors

  • Consultations on the tax impact on specific transactions

  • Providing information on effective tax structures for a specific type of business

  • Considerations of products and services with an emphasis of tax minimization

  • Strategies for Succession and Estate planning, to help ensure that your exit from the company doesn’t trigger massive tax liabilities, or that your beneficiaries aren’t saddled with undue tax burdens from their inheritance from the disposal of business assets

Equitable Advisors, its affiliates, financial professionals and Royal Wealth Planners do not provide tax advice or services.  You should contact your personal tax advisors regarding your specific situation.